, Volume 464, Issue 6, pp 681-682
Date: 21 Nov 2012

Acknowledgement to Referees

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The aim of Pflügers Archiv–European Journal of Physiology is to communicate significant research documented by clear, accurate, and complete data, in an easily readable form. The style and quality of the journal, therefore, depend to a great extent on the referees’ evaluations of the form and content of the papers submitted. These time-consuming efforts are most gratefully appreciated, and we would like very much to acknowledge the contributions that have been made on the part of the following individuals:

Aalkjaer C

Adeghate E

Ally A

Alvarez J

Alzheimer C

Ambudkar I

Appendino G

Arcangeli A

Backx P

Bacurau RF

Bader M

Baines D

Baker F

Balaban P

Baumgarten C

Bayliss D

Bchel C

Beales I

Becchetti A

Beck FX

Becq F

Bender SB

Bichet D

Biesiadecki B

Billeter R

Bindels RJM

Bkaily G

Bleich M

Bootman M

Bowen W

Broderick T

Brozinick J

Bruton J

Budde T

Budde T

Burckhardt BC

Campbell K

Carlson S

Cazorla O

Chen X

Clunes Mt

Coetzee WA

Cognard C

Cotella D

Coulon P

Crest M

Cribbs L

Crunelli V

Csanady L

Csernoch L

Daniel H

Dascal N

de Wit C

Decher N