, Volume 447, Issue 5, pp 465-468
Date: 18 Nov 2003

The ABCs of solute carriers: physiological, pathological and therapeutic implications of human membrane transport proteins

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The Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) Nomenclature Committee Database provides a list of transporter families of the solute carrier (SLC) gene series (see http://​www.​gene.​ucl.​ac.​uk/​nomenclature/​). Currently, it includes 43 families and 298 transporter genes. This special issue features mini-reviews on each of these SLC families written by the experts in each field. A WEB site has been established (http://​www.​pharmaconference​.​org/​slctable.​asp) that gives the latest updates for the SLC families and their members as well as relevant links to gene databases and reviews in the literature. A list of all currently known SLC families, a discussion of additional SLC families and family members as well as a brief summary of non-SLC transporter genes is included in this introduction.