, Volume 396, Issue 2, pp 193-199
Date: 18 Sep 2010

Outcomes of non-anatomic liver resection for hepatocellular carcinoma in the patients with liver cirrhosis and analysis of prognostic factors

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In the east countries, patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) are usually associated with varied degrees of liver cirrhosis, and anatomic resection is therefore limited to use, especially in those with severe liver cirrhosis. This study aims to evaluate the clinical value of non-anatomic resection in HCC patients with cirrhosis.


Seventy-seven consecutive HCC patients with cirrhosis underwent non-anatomic liver resection in Tongji Hospital from January 2003 to December 2006. The clinical data, severity of liver cirrhosis, and survival rates of these patients were retrospectively evaluated, and the prognostic factors were analyzed.


One-, 2-, and 3-year overall and disease-free survival rates of this cohort of patients were 78%, 68%, 56%, and 66%, 58%, 55%, respectively. The hospital mortality and morbidity were 0% and 24.7%, respectively. The 1-, 2-, and 3-year overall survival rates were 85.7%, 77.1%, and 74.3% in the patients with mild cirrhosis, 81.5%, 63%, and 48.1% in the patients with moderate cirrhosis, and 60.0%, 53.3%, and 26.7% in the patients with severe cirrhosis, respectively. There was a significant difference among the patients with different grades of cirrhosis (P = 0.001). Multivariate and univariate analyses revealed that severity of cirrhosis, tumor diameter larger than 5 cm, and vascular invasion were independent prognostic factors.


Non-anatomic liver resection for HCC could yield comparable outcomes with anatomic resection in the patients with mild cirrhosis or tumors diameter smaller than 5 cm. Severity of cirrhosis is an independent factor worsening long-time survival. Non-anatomic resection is a safe and effective surgical modality in the treatment of HCC patients with cirrhosis.