Date: 30 Jul 2009

Authors’ response to Kreiss et al. (2009)

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Hans Drexler, Editor-in-Chief

Karl Heinz Schaller, Associate Editor

Dear Editors of IAOEH:

We appreciate the opportunity to respond to Drs. Kreiss and Hubbs (2009). Their response to our review article (Galbraith and Weill 2008a, b) purports to comment on “misconceptions, inaccuracies and omissions,” (Kreiss and Hubbs 2009) but in examining their claims, it appears they have little merit.

Kreiss and Hubbs open their discussion with a reinterpretation of published results regarding lung biopsy findings from Akpinar-Elci et al. 2004, a paper Dr. Kreiss co-authored. At that time, it was reported that of the three subjects who had a lung biopsy performed, one was felt to be have findings supporting a diagnosis of bronchiolitis obliterans, and that in fact, “…biopsy samples from two other cases were not diagnostic of bronchiolitis.” (Akpinar-Elci et al. 2004). The use of “semantic confusion,” which Kreiss and Hubbs have accused us of displaying, would seem to more accurately describe their appa ...