Date: 05 Jul 2005

Use of cellular or cordless telephones and the risk for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

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Objectives: To evaluate the use of cellular and cordless telephones as the risk factor for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL). Methods: Male and female subjects aged 18–74 years living in Sweden were included during a period from 1 December 1999 to 30 April 2002. Controls were selected from the national population registry. Exposure to different agents was assessed by questionnaire. Results: In total, 910 (91%) cases and 1016 (92%) controls participated. NHL of the B-cell type was not associated with the use of cellular or cordless telephones. Regarding T-cell NHL and >5 year latency period, the use of analogue cellular phones yielded: odds ratio (OR) = 1.46, 95%; confidence interval (CI) = 0.58–3.70, digital: OR=1.92, 95%; CI=0.77–4.80 and cordless phones: OR=2.47; CI=1.09–5.60. The corresponding results for certain, e.g. cutaneous and leukaemia, T-cell lymphoma for analogue phones were: OR=3.41, 95%; CI=0.78–15.0, digital: OR=6.12, 95%; CI=1.26–29.7 and cordless phones: OR=5.48, 95%; CI=1.26–23.9. Conclusions: The results indicate an association between T-cell NHL and the use of cellular and cordless telephones, however based on low numbers and must be interpreted with caution. Regarding B-cell NHL no association was found.