, Volume 140, Issue 3, pp 327-339
Date: 29 Jun 2013

Golgi tubules: their structure, formation and role in intra-Golgi transport

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Tubules are common Golgi elements that can form extensive networks associated with the cis-, lateral and trans-Golgi sides, but despite this, they have almost been forgotten for decades. The molecular mechanisms involved in their formation, elongation and fission are only just beginning to be understood. However, the role of these membranes is not well understood. In the present review, we analyze the mechanisms that induce Golgi tubulation or, conversely, disrupt tubules in order to throw some lights on the nature of these elements. The putative role of these elements in the framework of current models for intra-Golgi transport is also discussed.

Emma Martínez-Alonso and Mónica Tomás contributed equally to this publication.