The development of malignant rhabdoid tumor in a patient with Behçet’s disease treated with ciclosporin

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· Purpose: To describe a risk of malignant neoplasm in patients with Behçet’s disease treated with ciclosporin. · Methods: Case report. · Results: A patient with Behçet’s disease who was treated with ciclosporin developed a mass in his right femur. Histological examination revealed this mass was a malignant rhabdoid tumor. · Conclusion: This is the first known case of malignant tumor developing in a patient with Behçet’s disease treated with ciclosporin. This case underscores the importance of assessing possible risks in the treatment of Behçet’s disease with ciclosporin.

Received: 22 Mai 1997 Revised version received: 30 October 1997 Accepted: 5 November 1997