, Volume 259, Issue 11, pp 2513-2514
Date: 23 Aug 2012

Angelo Mosso (1846–1910)

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Angelo Mosso was born on the May 30, 1846, in Turin, Italy. His modest family was from Chieri, a town near Turin. Mosso spent a large part of his childhood in Chieri and would for the rest of his life consider himself a citizen of this small town [1]. In school, he was not always a model pupil: on one occasion, for example, his mother had to intercede in order to have him re-admitted after he had been put to work in his father’s carpenter shop [1]. Though he spent his childhood and adolescence in poverty, his brilliant results in secondary school helped him to obtain grants and his diploma. Thanks to his family’s savings and his earnings as an assistant-teacher in Chieri, Mosso could pay the academic fees and study medicine. In 1870, he graduated from the University of Turin magna cum laude. As a young physician in Florence, he devoted himself to research in the physiology laboratory directed by Moritz Schiff (1823–1896), where he studied the mechanics of esophageal contraction. He the ...