, Volume 258, Issue 9, pp 1732-1733
Date: 09 Apr 2011

Henri Duret (1849–1921)

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Henri Duret was born in the township of Condé-sur Noireau in Northern Normandy on 7 July 1849. He brilliantly finished the Marist College and entered the medical school in Caen. At the outbreak of the Franco–Prussian War of 1870–1871 he served as a surgeon-aid. In recognition of his outstanding service he was recommended for the Legion of Honor.

After his return to Paris Duret followed the competitive course of academic surgery in Paris, up to the rank of Chef de Clinique for the professor of surgery Verneuille. During these years Duret worked in the laboratories of Vulpian and Charcot where he studied, first with Carville and later on independently, the localization of voluntary motor functions in the cerebral cortex in experimental animals. He mastered a technique for producing well-circumscribed cortical lesions and he also used a specially devised curette for creating deep lesions with minimal trauma. Another innovation was to use faradic instead of galvanic currents to stimulate th ...