, Volume 257, Issue 7, pp 1218-1220
Date: 26 Mar 2010

Hans Chiari (1851–1916)

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Hans Chiari will most be remembered for his 1891 paper, Ueber Veränderungen des Kleinhirns infolge von Hydrocephalie des Grosshirns, that described what is now regarded as the Chiari malformations [5]. Chiari (Fig. 1) was born on 4 November 1851 in Vienna. He came from a family of physicians and his father, Johann Baptist Chiari (1817–1854) was a prominent gynecologist who worked in Vienna and Prague and is credited with describing prolactinomas [1]. Chiari’s brother, Ottokar, was a rhinolaryngologist [2]. Chiari studied medicine in Vienna, assisting one of the most revered pathologists at the time, Karl Rokitansky (1804–1878), at the Vienna Institute of Pathology [1]. He was hired as a prosector [3] at the Vienna Institute, which was renowned for its knowledge and research under the control of Rokitansky. In 1875, he completed medical school and Rokitansky retired. Richard Ladislaus Heschl (1824–1881) succeeded Rokitansky as head of Pathological Anatomy in Vienna [1] and Chiari assist ...