, Volume 256, Issue 10, pp 1782-1783,
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Date: 19 Aug 2009

Sergey Sergeevich Korsakov (1854–1900)

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Sergey Sergeevich Korsakov was the first Professor of Psychiatry in Russia and founder of the Moscow school of psychiatry (Fig. 1). Although he was head of the psychiatric clinic of Moscow University for only 12 years, his clinical approach and organizing skills influenced the direction in which Russian psychiatry developed and put it on the international map.Fig. 1

S.S. Korsakov (1854–1900). Photo from Historical Museum of Moscow Medical Academy (with permission)

Korsakov was born in 1854 in a large village in central Russia. On finishing school––the Moscow gymnasium––at the age of 16, he enrolled in the medical faculty of Moscow University. By 1875 he was a physician at the Moscow Preobrazhenskij mental hospital and 1 year later he joined the department of nervous and mental diseases, headed by Aleksey Yakovlevich Kozhevnikov (1836–1902). Korsakov became his closest and most talented pupil.

During his professional career, Korsakov frequently travelled abroad in order to familiarize hims ...