, Volume 114, Issue 1-2, pp 130-132

Mitochondrial DNA sequences for 118 individuals from northeastern Spain

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A population database was generated from 118 unrelated Caucasoid individuals living in Spain. Sequence polymorphisms of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) control region, hypervariable regions I and II (HVRI and HVRII) were determined using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and direct sequencing. A total of 102 different sequences were found as defined by 105 variable positions. The most common sequence occurred six times, and this sequence is also the most frequent in other European populations such as Austria, Germany and Britain. The mean pair-wise difference for the two HVR regions taken together was 7.74. The study revealed that transitions made up the majority of the variations (88%), whereas we observed a significantly lower frequency of transversions (8%). Also one individual in this study was observed with two positions of heteroplasmy at nucleotides 150 (C/T) and 153 (G/A). A statistical estimate of the results for this population showed a genetic diversity of 0.99. The probability of two random individuals showing identical mtDNA haplotypes is 1.3%. In order to use the mtDNA analysis in forensic casework, we consider that it is of crucial importance to know the frequency of the different sequences of mtDNA, and this data base study could be a useful tool to statistically evaluate the results.