, Volume 116, Issue 2, pp 121-123

Is the amelogenin gene reliable for gender identification in forensic casework and prenatal diagnosis?

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In humans, the amelogenin gene is present on both the X and the Y chromosomes. However, there are size differences in this gene between these chromosomes, which have been utilised for sexing in forensic casework and prenatal diagnosis. Our study using the AmpFl STR Profiler Plus kit, showed a deletion of Y chromosome-specific amelogenin in five Indian males (1.85%). We propose to call them “deleted-amelogenin males” (DAMs), who but for the detection of the presence of other Y-specific markers (e.g. SRY, STR and 50f2) would have been identified as females. Considering the consequences of the result obtained only using the amelogenin marker, we suggest the use of additional Y chromosome markers for unambiguous gender identification.