Date: 26 Apr 2007

Hitler’s missing psychiatric file

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Sirs: The recent 60 years anniversary of the end of World War II and the Nazi regime may be reason for a short psychiatric-historical note to point out a frequently overlooked detail of Hitlers life—his hidden psychiatric biography. Besides his extreme anti-semitism, mentally ill were among the most threatened individuals with some 200,000 being killed [1, 3]. This was made public during World War II by the Muenster cardinal Galen who most recently was beatified by pope Benedikt XVI. While Hitlers late Parkinson disease has attracted some attention [4, 8], his former functional ‘hysteric’ blindness is almost unknown. In fact on 14th October 1918 Hitler, who served as a private in World War I, survived a mustard gas attack in Belgium near Ypern. There are some reports that he consecutively had a mild resultant conjunctivitis [2, 7]. He also suffered from nonorganic blindness [7]. His further treatment is nearly unknown. Hitler was transferred to the military hospital in Pasewalk near St ...