, Volume 270, Issue 5, pp 1747-1750
Date: 26 Oct 2012

Transnasal endoscopic management of petrous apex and clivus selected lesions

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The objective of this study was to report a series of selected primary skull base benign lesions midline located by transnasal endoscopic transsphenoidal approach. A retrospective review of 5 cases is presented: four cholesterol granuloma of the petruos apex and one of the clivus. All patients have been successfully treated via transnasal endoscopic transsphenoidal approach. The mean duration of follow-up was 27 months (range 12–50 months). No postoperative complication such as CSF leak, meningitis, or encephalocele and no signs of recurrence have been noticed. The transnasal route is a minimally invasive, safe, and efficient technique to approach the petrous apex and clivus for selected midline skull base lesions removal.