, Volume 287, Issue 5, pp 1047-1048
Date: 16 Nov 2012

Giant condyloma acuminatum of vulva treated by surgical excision and reconstruction of defect

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Dear Editor,

Giant condyloma acuminatum (GCA) is a rare sexually transmitted disease caused by Human papilloma virus (HPV) and characterised by invasive growth. Very few cases of GCA of vulva have been reported till now in the English literature [13]. We report a case of 34-year-old lady with GCA of vulva who was successfully treated by simple vulvectomy and reconstruction of the defect by “four-flap technique”.

A 34-year-old, married woman presented with complaints of growth on her vulva for the last 8 months. The patient was 6 months pregnant when she first noted the lesion and did not seek any medical help. Two months after her caesarean delivery, she underwent cryosurgery, but with no improvement. She denied any history of sexual promiscuity.

On examination there was a 14 cm × 10 cm × 6 cm friable, foul smelling growth on her vulva involving both labia majora, extending anteriorly to mons pubis and posteriorly to perianal region (Fig. 1a). There were a few satellite lesions on labia ...