, Volume 283, Issue 6, pp 1363-1368
Date: 06 Feb 2011

Malignant mixed Mullerian tumor of the ovary with two cases and review of the literature

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Malignant mixed Müllerian tumor (MMMT) of the ovary is a rare and highly aggressive tumor. It accounts <1% of all ovarian carcinomas. It is characterized by the presence of both carcinomatous and sarcomatous components and tends to occur in low parity postmenopausal woman. These are mixed, mostly monoclonal tumors, and the predominance of the stromal component aggravates the prognosis. The staging system for ovarian and primary peritoneal cancer is also used for MMMT. After complete surgical staging, patient with stage II–IV at the time of surgery should have postoperative chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can be considered for stage I MMMT. Its optimal treatment is debatable. Taxane and platinum combination is standard for the epithelial ovarian carcinoma. There is very limited literature reporting this combination therapy in ovarian MMMTs.

Case 1 and Case 2

We presented two cases of stage III primary ovarian MMMT. The patients were treated with the taxane/platin combination, without adverse events following surgery, and remained in clinical remission in Case 1 at follow-up. Case 2 has progressed after first line taxane/platin regimen and treated like epithelial ovarian carcinoma. Case 1 was in complete remission in the follow-up visit 2 years later. Case 2 died 14 months later after the tumor was initially diagnosed.


Predominating carcinomatous or sarcomatous component should be taken into consideration in predicting the response and planning the chemotherapy protocol.