, Volume 284, Issue 3, pp 713-719
Date: 15 Oct 2010

Extraovarian conditions mimicking ovarian cancer: a single center experience of 15 years

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This study aims to review cases of extra-ovarian conditions that resembled ovarian malignancy and thus, to evaluate the distribution of primary pathology mimicking ovarian malignancy.


A retrospective review of women, with final pathology of extra-ovarian diseases mimicking ovarian malignancy, which were managed at Zekai Tahir Burak Women’s Health Education and Research Hospital, from January 1995 to April 2010 was undertaken.


Among the 2,210 women treated during the study period, extra-ovarian diseases accounted for 5.11% (113/2,210) of all the cases. Of the 113 extra-ovarian diseases, 42 (37.17%) were peritoneal tuberculosis, 25 (22.13%) were gastrointestinal malignancies, 20 (17.70%) were pelvic abscess, 8 (7.08%) were pelvic echinococcosis, 8 (7.08) were schwannoma and other retroperitoneal tumors, 4 (3.53%) were malignant lymphoma, 2 (1.77%) were chronic ectopic pregnancy, gossypiboma, and mesenteric cyst, respectively.


Medical awareness of infectious diseases such as peritoneal tuberculosis, pelvic abscess, and pelvic echinococcosis in the differential diagnosis of ovarian malignancy is still lacking, especially in developing countries. In addition, in case of a pelvic mass, gastrointestinal and retroperitoneal tumors and malignant lymphoma should always be considered to avoid pitfalls in diagnosis and therapy.