, Volume 281, Issue 3, pp 431-434
Date: 12 Aug 2009

Pulmonary hypertension during pregnancy: management of two cases

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The aim of this article is to describe two cases of pulmonary hypertension during pregnancy to highlight the major issues associated with the obstetric and anesthesiological management of such patients who, despite the medical advice, decided to continue their pregnancy and gave birth to healthy babies.

Methods and results

In our first case, there has been the need for a general anesthesia because of the detachment of the placenta, whereas in the second case elective surgery under spinal anesthesia was performed, thus avoiding the anesthesiological and surgical problems associated with an emergency.


Pregnancy is contraindicated in case of pulmonary hypertension, a highly morbid disease affecting young women of childbearing age. Therefore, in such cases, a multidisciplinary approach is indispensable to plan optimal treatment for patients who wish to pursue a pregnancy even though their heart disease exposes them to a high level of risk.