, Volume 275, Issue 6, pp 481-487
Date: 10 Nov 2006

Maternal kidney stones during pregnancy and adverse birth outcomes, particularly congenital abnormalities in the offspring

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The possible adverse birth outcomes, particularly congenital abnormalities (CAs) in pregnant women with kidney stones (KS) previously have not been evaluated; therefore, we decided to study this possible association.


The population-based data set of the Hungarian Case–Control Surveillance of CAs, 1980–1996, was used for this analysis.


Of 22,843 newborns or fetuses with CAs, 69 (0.30%) had mothers with KS during pregnancy. Of 38,151 matched control newborns without any abnormalities, 147 (0.39%) had KS during pregnancy. KS were associated with an adjusted prevalence odds ratio (POR) with 95% CI of 0.8, 0.6–1.0 for CAs. A higher prevalence of maternal KS during the first trimester of pregnancy was not found in any CA group. There was no higher rate of preterm birth and low birthweight in the newborns of pregnant women with KS.


There is no higher risk for adverse birth outcomes particularly CAs in the offspring of mothers with KS and related drug treatments during pregnancy.