, Volume 270, Issue 4, pp 252-254
Date: 08 Oct 2003

Diameter of mammary terminal ducts as an additional tool in evaluation of women with polycystic ovarium disease

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Aim of this study was to show the change of diameter of mammary ducts in relation to polycystic ovaries disease.


Women who took part were divided into two groups- the first with polycystic ovaries disease and another second group with no such disease.


To both groups a series of laboratory, clinical and ultrasound (u/s) exams were used to diagnose polycystic ovaries disease. Furthermore u/s measurement of mammary ducts was used to define the diameter.


In women with polycystic ovaries disease u/s showed an increase in diameter of mammary ducts whereas in the second group we didn’t observe such finding.


Our study showed that there seems to be a strong relation between the increased diameter of the main terminal lactiferous ducts- the polycystic configuration of the ovaries and the hormonal levels.