, Volume 293, Issue 7, pp 363-367

Immunohistochemical detection of lipid peroxidation products, protein-bound acrolein and 4-hydroxynonenal protein adducts, in actinic elastosis of photodamaged skin

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Abstract Acrolein and 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal (HNE) are both byproducts of a lipid peroxidation reaction. Actinic elastosis in photodamaged skin of aged individuals is characterized by the accumulation of fragmented elastic fibers in the sun-exposed areas. To study whether a lipid peroxidation reaction is involved in the accumulation of altered elastic fibers in actinic elastosis, skin specimens obtained from sun-damaged areas were immunohistochemically examined using the antibodies against acrolein and HNE. Both antibodies were found to react with the accumulations of elastic material. Double immunofluorescence labeling demonstrated that acrolein/elastin and HNE/elastin were colocalized in the actinic elastosis. Western blot analysis showed that the polypeptide with a molecular weight of 62 kDa reacted with anti-acrolein, anti-HNE and anti-elastin antibodies. The results suggest that acrolein and HNE may be associated with actinic elastosis.

Received: 18 October 2000 / Revised: 3 February 2001 / Accepted: 27 April 2001