, Volume 119, Issue 1-2, pp 62-66

Shock-wave therapy for tennis and golfer’s elbow – 1 year follow-up

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Thirty patients with chronic medial epicondylitis were treated with low-energy shock waves. They received 500 impulses of 0.08 mJ/mm2 three times at weekly intervals. At 1 year follow-up examinations were performed. According to the Verhaar criteria, only seven patients reached excellent or good results. In eight cases a fair outcome was recorded, and in 14 patients the outcome was poor. Only six patients were satisfied with the treatment. The average relief of pain was 32%. These data were significantly worse than for identically treated patients with chronic tennis elbow. Thus, the question arises as to whether extracorporal shock-wave therapy is indicated in medial epicondylitis.

Received: 18 November 1997