, Volume 131, Issue 12, pp 1731-1737
Date: 05 Aug 2011

Eight-year wear analysis in Longevity highly cross-linked polyethylene liners comparing 26- and 32-mm heads

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Although wear reduction of highly cross-linked polyethylene has been demonstrated to be independent of femoral head diameter in some simulation studies, the clinical effects of femoral head diameter on wear of highly cross-linked polyethylene sockets remain unclear. We compared the in vivo wear of Longevity highly cross-linked polyethylene liners at 8-year follow-up using 26- or 32-mm cobalt-chromium heads.

Materials and methods

A retrospective cohort study was performed on 90 cementless total hip arthroplasties (THAs) using Longevity highly cross-linked polyethylene liners combined with 26- (45 THAs) or 32-mm (45 THAs) cobalt-chromium heads. Annual radiographs were analyzed using PolyWare computer-assisted methods and linear and volumetric total head penetration rates and linear and volumetric steady-state wear rates were compared.


The two groups showed similar background data, and no significant differences were identified between groups in total head penetration rate or steady-state wear rate. Steady-state wear rates were negligible. Osteolysis was not observed in any hips in either group.


At the 8-year follow-up, wear of the Longevity was the same irrespective of the use 26- or 32-mm heads.