, Volume 128, Issue 7, pp 689-693
Date: 07 Aug 2007

Subchondral insufficiency fracture of the second metatatarsal head in an eldery woman treated with autologous osteochondral transplantation

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Freiberg’s infraction is a rare disorder that arises mostly in adolescent athletes. We describe a 77-year-old woman with the collapse of second metatarsal head with similar clinical appearance to Freiberg’s infraction. Radiological findings at initial visit of our hospital were normal. Her condition was obscure and magnetic resonance imaging showed the subchondral insufficiency fracture with bone marrow edema to the second metatarsal head. Despite the conservative treatment, the second metatarsal head collapsed. She was surgically treated with an osteochondral autograft without complications relating surgery. Furthermore, the histological findings showed that the site of collapse was considered to be secondary lesions resulting from the subchondral insufficiency fracture.