, Volume 123, Issue 3, pp 293-294
Date: 05 Feb 2012

Peripheral nerve sheath tumors: the elegant chapter in surgical neuropathology

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“The highest goal that man can achieve is amazement.”


Peripheral nerve sheath tumors encompass a dynamic, evolving, exciting field of surgical neuropathology. It currently lies at a unique intersection between the students of the nervous system and those of soft tissue, and benefits greatly from their complementary interaction. Now, I have to admit it is with mixed emotions that I approach this cluster of articles on peripheral nerve sheath tumors appearing in this issue of Acta Neuropathologica.

On September of this past year, Bernd W. Scheithauer, my teacher, always so enthusiastic about the pathology of peripheral nerve tumors, passed away. Some of his former trainees and close collaborators teamed up to create a well illustrated, practical manuscript to approach some of the difficult problems many neuropathologists struggle with in the day to day diagnosis of peripheral nerve tumors. This subject was very close to Bernd’s heart and to him I would like to dedicate this paper and ...