, Volume 291, Issue 5, pp 1287-1291
Date: 27 Nov 2012

Facile preparation of α-Fe2O3/carbon and polyhydroxy iron cation/polyaniline hollow particles

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By virtue of a smartly designed strategy, we successfully prepared the α-Fe2O3/carbon and electromagnetic polyhydroxy iron cation/polyaniline (PIC/PANi) hollow particles. First, poly(styrene-butyl acrylate)/polyhydroxy iron cation (P(S-BA)/PIC) composite particles were prepared based on electrostatic attraction between the P(S-BA) and PIC. Second, the coating of P(S-BA)/PIC composite particles with PANi was achieved by the “Swelling–Diffusion–Interfacial-Polymerization Method”. Finally, α-Fe2O3/carbon and PIC/PANi hollow particles were obtained by calcination or solvent extraction of the P(S-BA)/PIC/PANi composite particles, respectively. The whole preparation process was monitored by transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, Fourier transform infrared, and X-ray diffraction. The synthesized α-Fe2O3/carbon and PIC/PANi hollow particles possessed of a narrow size distribution and well-defined morphology.