, Volume 288, Issue 5, pp 543-553

Synthesis of copolymer-stabilized silver nanoparticles for coating materials

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Silver ions being less toxic than silver nanoparticles, a more safe material can be obtained to be used as antimicrobial coating. This can be achieved by using thiol chemistry and covalently attach the silver nanoparticles in the coating. Our aim is to produce a coating having antimicrobial properties of silver ions but with the silver nanoparticles firmly attached in the coating. Here, we present a way to produce silver nanoparticles that can be used as a component in a coating or as such to produce an antimicrobial coating. The silver nanoparticles presented here are stabilized by a copolymer (poly(butyl acrylate–methyl methacrylate)) that is soft and has well-known good film-producing properties. The reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer radical polymerization technique used to prepare the polymers provides conveniently a thiol group for effective binding of the silver nanoparticles to the polymers and thus to the coating.