, Volume 281, Issue 8, pp 727-737
Date: 30 Jan 2003

Stabilization of palladium nanoparticles by polymers and layer silicates

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Palladium nanocolloid particles were grown by homogenous nucleation and on montmorillonite by heterogeneous nucleation in aquatic suspensions. Aqueous polymer solutions and montmorillonite were used for stabilizing Pd0 nanoparticles, which were adsorbed on the external and internal surfaces of the silicate lamellae. Interlamellar incorporation of nanoparticles was monitored by X-ray diffraction and verified by transmission electron microscopy by determining the size and the size distribution functions of the particles. Adsorption isotherms were determined for characterization of the polymer/nanoparticle interaction between the silicate layers. A novel method was introduced for adsorption of polymer-stabilized Pd nanoparticles on layer silicates. It was established that average particle size may be controlled within the range of 1–6 nm, depending on the method of stabilization with polymer and the concentration of precursor palladium ions on the montmorillonite surface.