, Volume 51, Issue 2 Supplement, pp 31-38
Date: 26 Apr 2012

Functional foods/ingredients and oral mucosal diseases

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Diseases and symptoms of mouth mucosa are prevalent in particular in the ageing populations. For example, a nationwide representative examination in the US revealed approximately 28% prevalence of all oral mucosal lesions in subjects 17 years of age and older with distinct differences between age groups and whether or not the subject smoked [27]. There are no comprehensive epidemiological data on the respective incidence and prevalence figures from Europe. In this review, the following chapters first outline the defensive mechanisms of the oral cavity followed by brief description of the most important oral mucosal diseases and symptoms. Finally, possibilities for intervention and the known effects of foods constituents, including functional food on oral mucosal diseases and symptoms, are summarized although research for most substances is in its infancies too early for conclusions.

Defensive mechanisms of the mouth

Healthy oral mucosa is the most essential defensive mechanis ...

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