, Volume 45, Issue 8, pp 439-444,
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Date: 12 Oct 2006

Effect of sesamin on serum cholesterol and triglycerides levels in LDL receptor-deficient mice



Sesamin, a major lignan from sesame seeds has been associated with cholesterol reduction in previous reports, but recent studies suggested differences in the response to sesamin intake depending on the model studied as well as the nature of the sesamin preparation used.


The effect of pure sesamin epimer on serum lipids was studied in hypercholesterolemic LDL receptor-knockout mice under cholesterol fed condition.


Animals were randomly assigned to 4 groups, fed an atherogenic diet containing stanol ester, sesamin, combination of stanol ester and sesamin or a control diet with no additions.


The control group showed an almost 3-fold increase in serum cholesterol levels due to the atherogenic diet but no effect was seen for triglyceride levels. Stanol ester alone or together with sesamin significantly attenuated the elevation of the cholesterol levels.


Sesamin alone did not affect the elevation of the diet-induced cholesterol level and it did not enhance the effect of stanol ester.