, Volume 101, Issue 10, pp 847-849
Date: 31 Mar 2012

Mitral valve with three orifices after percutaneous repair with the MitraClip system: the triple-orifice technique

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Severe mitral regurgitation (MR) is the second most common valve disease requiring surgical treatment in Europe. Consensus exists that valvular surgery should be advised in symptomatic patients with severe MR, as shown by the corresponding class I recommendation in both the American and European clinical guidelines. Mitral valve (MV) repair is the preferred surgical treatment in patients with severe MR [1]. Early trials suggested that percutaneous valve repair with the MitraClip® system (Abbott, USA), that mimics the surgical Alfieri technique, is feasible, safe, and 60 % of the patients are handled with a single clip [2, 3]. This case report illustrates a successful multiple clip approach creating three orifices instead of the classical double one.

A 71-year-old female patient with severe ischemic MV insufficiency and high risk (Logistic EuroSCORE 32.56 %, STS score 20.8 %) was referred to our center for an interventional valve repair with the MitraClip®-System. Echocardiography d