, Volume 21, Issue 3, pp 181-184
Date: 11 Jan 2005

Brain tissue oxygenation index measured by near infrared spatially resolved spectroscopy agreed with jugular bulb oxygen saturation in normal pediatric brain: a pilot study

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This observational, prospective pediatric human study was performed to determine the agreement between brain tissue oxygenation indices (TOI) measured by near infrared spatially resolved spectroscopy and jugular bulb oxygen saturation values (SjO2).


Five cardiac patients without neurological impairment who were admitted into the critical care unit after open-heart surgery with jugular bulb venous catheters were enrolled. Their mean age was 8.6 months and mean body weight was 6.7 kg. Simultaneous measurements of brain TOI using NIR0-300 (Hamamatsu Photonics, Hamamatsu City, Japan) and SjO2 values from blood samples were recorded.


The TOI range was 59±9% and the SjO2 range was 58±17%. The correlation coefficient R was 0.64 (p=0.11; n=14). Bland–Altman plotting revealed a bias of −3.4%, and precision of 7.2% (n=14). Intra-class correlation reliability analysis showed kappa of 0.55.


Statistically, brain TOI was in reasonable agreement with SjO2 in pediatric patients with normal brain within the measurement range from 50 to 70%.