, Volume 19, Issue 3, pp 513-527

Development and validation of a simple frozen soil parameterization scheme used for climate model

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A simple frozen soil parameterization scheme is developed based on NCAR LSM and the effects of re-vised scheme are investigated using Former Soviet Union (FSU) 6 stations measurement data. In the revised model, soil ice content and the energy change in phase change process is considered; the original soil thermal conductivity scheme is replaced by Johanson scheme and the soil thermal and hydraulic properties is modi-fied depending on soil ice content. The comparison of original model with revised model results indicates that the frozen soil scheme can reasonably simulate the energy budget in soil column and the variation of thermal and hydraulic properties as the soil ice content changes. Soil moisture in spring is decreased because of the reduction of infiltration and increment of runoff. Consequently, the partition of heat flux and surface temperature changes correspondingly.