, Volume 29, Issue 11, pp 1159-1172
Date: 09 Nov 2012

Smoothness perception

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Despite the complexity of the Human Visual System (HVS), research over the last few decades has highlighted a number of its limitations. These limitations can be exploited in computer graphics to significantly reduce computational cost and thus required rendering time, without a viewer perceiving any difference in resultant image quality. Furthermore, cross-modal interaction between different modalities, such as the influence of audio on visual perception, has also been shown as significant both in psychology and computer graphics. In this paper we investigate the effect of beat rate on temporal visual perception, i.e. frame rate perception. For the visual quality and perception evaluation, a series of psychophysical experiments was conducted and the data analysed. The results indicate that beat rates in some cases do affect temporal visual perception and that certain beat rates can be used in order to reduce the amount of rendering required to achieve a perceptual high quality. This is another step towards a comprehensive understanding of auditory-visual cross-modal interaction and could be potentially used in high-fidelity interactive multi-sensory virtual environments.