The Visual Computer

, Volume 28, Issue 2, pp 137–153

Rate-distortion optimization for progressive compression of 3D mesh with color attributes

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DOI: 10.1007/s00371-011-0602-y

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Lee, H., Lavoué, G. & Dupont, F. Vis Comput (2012) 28: 137. doi:10.1007/s00371-011-0602-y


We propose a new lossless progressive compression algorithm based on rate-distortion optimization for meshes with color attributes; the quantization precision of both the geometry and the color information is adapted to each intermediate mesh during the encoding/decoding process. This quantization precision can either be optimally determined with the use of a mesh distortion measure or quasi-optimally decided based on an analysis of the mesh complexity in order to reduce the calculation time. Furthermore, we propose a new metric which estimates the geometry and color importance of each vertex during the simplification in order to faithfully preserve the feature elements. Experimental results show that our method outperforms the state-of-the-art algorithm for colored meshes and competes with the most efficient algorithms for non-colored meshes.


3D meshProgressive compressionRate distortion optimizationAdaptive quantizationColor attributes

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  1. 1.Université de Lyon, CNRSUniversité Lyon 1, LIRIS, UMR5205LyonFrance
  2. 2.Université de Lyon, CNRSINSA-Lyon, LIRIS, UMR5205LyonFrance