, Volume 24, Issue 10, pp 859-870
Date: 07 Aug 2008

Real-time crowd motion planning

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Real-time crowd motion planning requires fast, realistic methods for path planning as well as obstacle avoidance. In a previous work (Morini et al. in Cyberworlds International Conference, pp. 144–151, 2007), we introduced a hybrid architecture to handle real-time motion planning of thousands of pedestrians. In this article, we present an extended version of our architecture, introducing two new features: an improved short-term collision avoidance algorithm, and simple efficient group behavior for crowds. Our approach allows the use of several motion planning algorithms of different precision for regions of varied interest. Pedestrian motion continuity is ensured when switching between such algorithms. To assess our architecture, several performance tests have been conducted, as well as a subjective test demonstrating the impact of using groups. Our results show that the architecture can plan motion in real time for several thousands of characters.