original article

The Visual Computer

, Volume 21, Issue 8, pp 840-847

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What’s in an image?

Towards the computation of the “best” view of an object
  • Oleg PolonskyAffiliated withTechnion, Israel Institute of Technology Email author 
  • , Giuseppe PatanéAffiliated withIMATI/CNR
  • , Silvia BiasottiAffiliated withIMATI/CNR
  • , Craig GotsmanAffiliated withHarvard University
  • , Michela SpagnuoloAffiliated withIMATI/CNR

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There are many possible 2D views of a given 3D object and most people would agree that some views are more aesthetic and/or more “informative” than others. Thus, it would be very useful, in many applications, to be able to automatically compute these “best” views. Although all measures of the quality of a view will ultimately be subjective, hence difficult to quantify, we propose some general principles which may be used to address this challenge. In particular, we describe a number of different ways to measure the goodness of a view, and show how to optimize these measures by reducing the size of the search space.


Visualization View entropy Scene composition