, Volume 19, Issue 1-2, pp 89-96

Microbial processes of carbon cycle as the base of food chain of Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano benthic community

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 Box and gravity cores recovered from the Håkon Mosby mud volcano (HMMV) during cruise 15 of the R/V Professor Logachev were analyzed for bacterial activity and benthic fauna distribution. The high bacterium number (up to 9.6×109 cells cm-3 of the sediment) and marked rates of sulfate reduction (up to 0.155 mg S dm-3 day-1) and methane oxidation (up to 9.9 μg C dm-3 day-1) were shown for the upper horizons of the sediments of the HMMV peripheral zone. The benthic community is characterized by the presence of two pogonophoran species, Oligobrachia sp. and Sclerolinum sp., harboring symbiotic methanotrophic bacteria.