, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp 1-11

Magnetic susceptibility and ice-rafted debris in surface sediments of the Nordic Seas: implications for Isotope Stage 3 oscillations

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Magnetic susceptibility and ice-rafted debris of surface sediments in the Nordic Seas were investigated to reconstruct source areas and recent transport pathways of magnetic minerals. From the distribution of magnetic susceptibility and ice-rafted debris and published data on petrographic tracers for iceberg drift, we reconstructed a counter-clockwise iceberg drift pattern during cooler phases in the Holocene, which is similar to conceptual and numerical models for Weichselian iceberg drift. The release of basaltic debris at Scoresby Sund played a significant role for the magnetic signature of stadial/interstadial events during isotope stage 3 recorded in sediment cores of the Nordic Seas.

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