, Volume 24, Issue 4, pp 347-353

Correlation coefficients of the fluctuating density in turbulent premixed flames

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 Two-point density measurements by laser induced Rayleigh scattering are used in this study to fully characterise the scalar field in a Bunsen type turbulent premixed flame. The two points are separated within the flame brush in the axial or radial directions. Correlation coefficients are obtained by comparing the evolution of one-point density fluctuations in time or the two-point density fluctuations in both space and time. Time and length scales of the scalar field, and the mean convection velocity of the turbulent scalar structures are deduced from these correlation coefficients. Time scales are calculated from the auto-correlation coefficients, length scales are determined from the space correlation coefficients and the mean convection velocity of the scalar structures in the axial direction is deduced from the space–time correlation coefficients. The relevance of these results for analysing and modelling the structure of turbulent premixed flames is discussed.

Received: 30 April 1996 / Accepted: 2 September 1997