, Volume 23, Issue 5, pp 373-381

Turbulent flow measurement in a square duct with hybrid holographic PIV

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 A hybrid holographic system has been developed for three-dimensional particle image velocimetry. With unique high pass filters, the system combines advantages of both in-line and off-axis holography without having their draw-backs. It improves the signal to noise ratio of the reconstructed image, allows use of 3–15 μm particles in water at high population and achieves large dynamic ranges in both velocity and space. With an automated image acquisition and processing system it has been used for measuring the velocity distributions in a square duct at Re=1.23×105. The data consists of 97×97×87 vectors (with 50% overlapping of adjacent interrogation windows). The quality of the results is evaluated using the continuity equation. The deviation from the equation decreases rapidly with increasing control volume and reaches a level of less than 10%. Mean velocities, r.m.s. velocity fluctuations and turbulence spectra are estimated using the data.

Received: 16 December 1996/Accepted: 6 March 1997