, 55:1691
Date: 21 Feb 2014

Wettability and impact dynamics of water droplets on rice (Oryza sativa L.) leaves

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We investigated the wettability and impact dynamics of water droplets on rice leaves at various leaf inclination angles and orientations. Contact angle, contact angle hysteresis (CAH), and roll-off angle (α roll) of water droplets were measured quantitatively. Results showed that droplet motion exhibited less resistance along the longitudinal direction. Impact dynamic parameters, such as impact behaviors, maximum spreading factor, contact distance, and contact time were also investigated. Three different impact behaviors were categorized based on the normal component of Weber number irrespective of the inclination angle of the rice leaf. The asymmetric impact behavior induced by the tangential Weber number was also identified. Variation in the maximum spreading factor according to the normal Weber number was measured and compared with theoretical value obtained according to scaling law to show the wettability of the rice leaves. The contact distance of the impacting droplets depended on the inclination angle of the leaves. Along the longitudinal direction of rice leaves, contact distance was farther than that along the transverse direction. This result is consistent with the smaller values of CAH and α roll along the longitudinal direction.