, Volume 47, Issue 1, pp 171-182
Date: 04 Apr 2009

Droplet imaging velocimeter and sizer: a two-dimensional technique to measure droplet size

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This paper discusses the droplet imaging velocimeter and sizer (DIVAS), a two-dimensional technique to measure droplet size from very small droplets (a few microns) to very large drops (millimeters), as well as droplet velocity and concentration. DIVAS uses a particle imaging velocimetry (PIV) configuration; that is, pulsed lasers illuminate the droplets in the measurement plane and CCD cameras collect the off-axis scattered light, thus yielding a small measurement volume and correspondingly a high number density measurement capability. DIVAS is based on glare point imaging as described by van de Hulst and Wang (Appl Opt 30(33):4755–4763, 1991). By measuring the separation of cross-polarized glare points, DIVAS is capable of measuring droplet size down to a few microns with sub-pixel resolution. The measurement of large drops from the separation of glare points is straightforward. However, the paper discusses that large drops are often non-spherical and more advanced signal processing is required to retrieve their size. Both analytical studies and experiments are presented to demonstrate the feasibility of the technique.