, Volume 40, Issue 2, pp 267-276
Date: 04 Nov 2005

Coherent structures in unsteady swirling jet flow

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An LDA technique and phase-averaging analysis were used to study unsteady precessing flow in a model vortex burner. Detailed measurements were made for Re=15,000 and S=1.01. On the basis of the analysis of phase-averaged data and vortex detection by the λ2-technique of Joeng and Hussain (1995), three precessing spiral vortex structures were identified: primary vortex (PV), inner secondary vortex (ISV), and outer secondary vortex (OSV). The PV is the primary and most powerful structure as it includes primary vorticity generated by the swirler; the ISV and OSV are considered here as secondary vortical structures. The jet breakdown zone is the conjunction of a pair of co-rotating co-winding spiral vortices, PV and ISV. The interesting new feature described is that the secondary vortices form a three-dimensional vortex dipole with a helical geometry. The effect of coupling of secondary vortices was suggested as a mechanism of enhanced stability reflected in their increased axial extent.