, Volume 34, Issue 1, pp 42-51

A correlation-based central difference image correction (CDIC) method and application in a four-roll mill flow PIV measurement

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An experiment is conducted in a four-roll mill to verify a novel particle image velocimetry (PIV) recording evaluation method that combines the advantages of central difference interrogation and an image correction technique. Simulations and experiments in the four-roll mill geometry demonstrate that the central difference image correction method described in this paper can not only avoid the bias error resulting from the curvature and high-velocity-gradient flow but also effectively reduce the random error resulting from particle image distortion. Two image correction schemes and two base algorithms are discussed. A four-point image correction scheme is suggested on the basis of the traditional correlation-based interrogation algorithm to enable a fast, high-accuracy evaluation of PIV recordings in complex flows. In addition, the PIV experiment accurately determines the velocity field in the four-roll mill and confirms the linear distributions of the velocity components and the roller speed.