, Volume 21, Issue 2, pp 51-53
Date: 30 Apr 2003

Prostatitis: ancient history and new horizons

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This symposium provides a concise summary of current concepts and questions concerning prostatitis and related syndromes. These concepts have undergone a recent and profound shift. It is important to understand the extent of these changes within the long history of prostatitis and related syndromes.

Ancient history of prostatitis

Prostatitis has a prominent role in the history of urology. Since antiquity, prostatitis and related conditions have had a large role in establishing the need for a separate guild of practitioners devoted to the medical and surgical treatment of genitourinary tract diseases. Lower urinary tract infection and inflammation, often associated with obstruction, resulted in the need to develop new treatments. Bacterial urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted diseases, urethral stricture and prostatic inflammation were treated by practitioners who developed skills in urethral catheterization, instillations, dilation, lithotomy and related procedures. These basic