, Volume 69, Issue 5-6, pp 513-517
Date: 28 Apr 2014

Shaping nanoparticles and their optical spectra with photons

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An experimental method to tailor the shape and the optical absorption spectra of metallic nanoparticles is presented. It exploits the influence of laser irradiation on particle growth by self-assembly of atoms deposited on a substrate surface. By applying nanosecond light pulses of appropriate fluence and three different wavelengths, oblate silver particles with three fixed axial ratios have been fabricated. Their optical extinction spectra were measured with s- and p-polarized light and are dominated by plasmon resonances at fixed photon energies determined by the axial ratio. Possible applications of such tailormade nanoclusters include catalytic converters and optical components with narrow-band extinction, the magnitude and center frequency of which can be specified in advance.