, Volume 67, Issue 2, pp 151-156

Excited state absorption and stimulated emission of Nd3+ in crystals. Part I: Y3Al5O12, YAlO3, and Y2O3

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F3/2 excited state of the Nd3+ ion in Y3Al5O12, YAlO3, and Y2O3 were measured in a continuous wave pump- and probe experiment in a wide spectral range from 850 nm (780 nm for Y3Al5O12) to 1500 nm. The cross sections were determined from a comparison with the emission spectra and the simultaneously measured ground state absorption bleaching. The strongest excited state absorption transitions were found in the 1220–1400 nm spectral region due to transitions to the 2G9/2 and 4G7/2 levels. The spectral positions of the measured transitions are in good agreement with the theoretically expected transitions calculated from the known Stark-level splittings.

Received: 4 December 1997/Revised version: 8 May 1998