, Volume 66, Issue 5, pp 543-546
Date: 28 Jan 2014

Spectral properties of a Tm:Ho:YAG laser in active mirror configuration

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:Ho3+:YAG laser is operated in active mirror configuration. This laser is characterised by a rather thin crystal (3 mm thickness in our experiment) and a very short resonator (about 3.2 mm). Therefore this laser is well suited for operation in a single longitudinal mode. Single-frequency operation is demonstrated with and without an intracavity etalon. It is further shown that single-frequency emission is reached with a stable cw emission. With a slight detuning of the outcoupling mirror, spiking can be achieved, resulting in an emission on different lines. The assignment of the observed laser lines to the known transitions between Stark sublevels of the 5I7 and the 5I8 level is discussed and compared with predictions in the literature.